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Michael Hanby

Just passed 1 st time thanks to Mick’s honest approach and all his help, guidance and support throughout. Mick was recommended to me by a friend and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation, couldn’t have wished for a better instructor. Thank you Mick

Megan Williamson

I just passed my driving test first time with zero faults, so grateful for all Mick’s help and patience. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to learn how to drive, he made me feel so confident with driving and I’ll miss our lessons. Thanks again!

Morgan Beal

Thanks to Mick I passed my test with only 2 minor faults! He taught me the things I needed to know, not what I wanted to hear. Mick made me feel comfortable and confident on the road. He is reasonably priced and doesn’t hold you back. I highly recommend Mick to anyone! Thank you Mick for all of your help!

Fran Mansfield

Mick is a first class driving instructor! He is firm but fair and very very thorough with his instruction and teaching. He works to an extremely high standard and will ever only suggest to book your test when he is 100% sure you are ready and safe. Mick has an excellent sense of humour which aids the learning process tremendously, and makes lessons fun. I certainly looked forward to all of mine! I would recommend Mick without hesitation, as an excellent driving instructor

Pipp Jackson

Couldn’t thank Mick enough for all the help he’s given me! Top instructor! Keep up the good work Mick

Brad Milburn

Just passed my test and I am so grateful for all the help and confidence Mick gave me with driving. He is very reassuring and has an honest approach. His lessons look in depth to all parts and are well paced throughout. Mick is a great bloke and easy to get along with and would recommend him to anyone looking to drive. Thanks again Mick.

Stuart Noble

Mick is the man who will get you that pass. Firstly his honesty stuck out to me because with Mick, it’s not about the money he is the best and the cheapest, you get quality at a low price with him. One lesson and he booked my test. That told me that he was about passes not money. Secondly his teaching methods made it simple. My past instructors filled my head with a shopping list of things to remember, just to do a reverse park and there method was hit and miss. Mick’s way is so simple, unbelievable how simple and I execute everytime now. To sum up my review… 9hrs with mick and I passed first time (with him) this mans knows his job. I can’t think of a negative about him. Highly recommend 5*+. Thanks Mick.

Rachel Money

First time pass for me couldn’t have done it without Mick, mint teacher thanks xxx

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